Our Services

DLP Cardiac Partners has been a leader in cath lab partnerships and nuclear cardiology, mobile cath lab and sleep center services since 1998. Hospitals and physicians rely on us as their partner for launching new and expanded services. High patient satisfaction, exemplary care, new sources of busines – it's all waiting for you at DLP Cardiac Partners.

Cath Lab Partnerships
Worried about the high costs, changing technology, and operating challenges of opening or growing your cath lab? After 15 successful years of developing and managing cardiac cath labs, DLP Cardiac Partners understands the challenges you face. Our proven operating models, combined with our financial, clinical and management expertise, mean improved operational efficiency and performance for you. Learn more.

Mobile Cath & Angio Labs
Don’t let inoperable equipment or construction delays stand in your way. With DLP Cardiac Partners’ mobile cardiac cath and angiography labs, you’ll see cardiac patients on your schedule.  Our large rental fleet offers the latest technology when your own equipment is out for repairs or upgrades, your new lab is under construction, or patient volume is especially high.  Read more.