DLP Cardiac Partners Advantage Programs

DLP Cardiac Partners Advantage offers marketing programs specifically designed to give your cardiology program a competitive edge in your market. Our exclusive suite of tools will help you develop lasting relationships with physicians and other referring hospitals. DLP Cardiac Partners’ proprietary programs – CV Stat and Physician Liaison – are modeled on best practices in place at DLP Cardiac Partners facilities across the country. 

CV Stat
Referring physicians are looking for easy, efficient, and organized  transfers for their patients.  Our CV Stat program streamlines the process and provides access to the most advanced interventions, treatments and therapies, night and day.
  • Refer patients with one call to one person
  • Consultation and treatment 24 hours a day
  • Designated 800 number for referrals, patient transportation, and patient reporting to ensure a continuum of quality care
  • Physician Liaison
Many patients choose hospitals based on their physicians’ recommendations.  Our Physician Liaison program will help increase referrals to you.
  • Develop and strengthen positive relationships with referring physicians
  • Target new growth opportunities and expand your referral base
  • Create a culture of service to ensure high levels of physician satisfaction